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On The Dev Center Outage

I’ve spent the weekend wondering what in earth is going on with the Apple Developer Center which, as I write this, has been down for just over three days. Whatever has happened is clearly a big deal and I feel for the men and women that are no doubt sweating bricks to restore normal service.

I think it’s a serious breach of trust for developers to have a service we rely on to do our jobs go down for so long without meaningful comment. What are the implications for us? Is our personal data safe? Is my password safe? If the Dev Center can go down like this, then why not the App Store?

I’m surprised that there has not been more talk about this on Apple news sites, but I guess the point is there is no news. Nobody outside Apple knows anything. Surely we’ll know more once the site comes back up, or before the market opens for Monday trading, whichever comes first. But why is it so that such a major outage to a significant Apple service could happen, for so long, with zero acknowledgement from Apple, apart from this message?

The answer is obvious when you ask the right question - How many customers have been impacted by this outage? So far, zero.

Apple is a seriously customer-focused company, and they are treating us developers with contempt because we are not their customers.

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